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    While many brokers prioritise the growth of their business, not every broker believes expansion is the best way to thrive. For Tim Victory, maintaining a personal connection with clients has been more important than broadening his business over time – something that is evident in the amount of repeat business and client referrals he receives every week. MPA spoke with the Adelaide broker about why he chose not to expand his business over its 14-year journey.

    The birth of Victory Commercial Finance

    After working for NAB and Bankwest for 23 years, Victory left the corporate world in 2006 to start his own finance broking business, Victory Commercial Finance.

    Having learned a wealth of information about finance broking from Bankwest, he was confident he could apply this knowledge, alongside the many skills learned from his experience at NAB, in his own venture.

    He already had a good client base, having struck a positive chord with countless borrowers during his time.

    “Back then all I had to do was get a phone and a fax and away I went,” he said.

    He continues to operate as an old-style bank manager in his dealings with clients, taking time to develop close-knit and caring relationships with everyone he meets.

    Why he hasn’t expanded

    Since he is a business banker, Victory has a broader set of skills under his belt that many residential brokers may not possess.

    This means he is able to pitch himself at the self-employed market, providing support and guidance on a range of commercial finance solutions as well as home loans and investor loans.

    “I describe myself as a small, boutique finance broking company because it is just me and an assistant,” he said.

    “I haven’t chosen to broaden and get big.”

    He said this enables him to focus on his clients in an industry where expansion and growth often means losing that personal touch.

    “My favourite thing about broking is being the conduit to helping people achieve their goals and aspirations or providing the solutions to their individual situation – particularly when they have failed to find the pathway themselves,” he noted.

    “This is very rewarding and cements the relationship for the longer term. We can really make people happy and take stress away from them.”

    Having many client relationships that extend as long as 15 years, Victory says it is amazing to be part of a team that helps small businesses achieve their goals.

    “In one particular case I assisted a client buy his first coffee franchise,” he said. “He now owns multiple stores and employs 1,000 people, turning over multiple millions in revenue.

    “It’s a great story and it has been great to be part of the team in helping to achieving this.”

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