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    Everything Aussie St Marys owner and 2017 MPA Top 100 Brokers finalist Kim Horan has achieved since taking on a widely known franchise in 2015 she attributes to her great team and to having equal amounts of pressure and fun.

    “Driving productivity comes from applying just the right amount of pressure while still maintaining some fun,” Horan told MPA. “It is also by continually reminding people of what we are trying to accomplish and keeping everyone focused on moving in the same direction.”

    Having been involved in finance since 2000, Horan is passionate about providing her customers with solutions that fit their individual needs. She has built her business on strong relationships and satisfied clients telling their friends and family about the great ongoing service she provides.

    “I believe that brokers add value to their clients, and the best form of promotion is to make sure our clients understand that. They then advocate for us,” Horan said. “Exceptional client experience comes from having really tight processes, good communication and doing what you say you are going to do.”

    Horan builds client relationships that go beyond the loan process. Her ongoing service includes regular home loan health checks, bank and industry updates, developing strategies to reduce mortgage and working on finding possible options for those looking to invest in properties in the future.

    While majority of Horan’s clients come from client referrals, her brokerage also receives good responses from Google enquiries.

    Horan aims to settle $100m in 2019. As she works on achieving that goal by finding new ways to generate clients, Horan tackles the challenge of growing her team with people that pays as much attention to details as she does. Horan is also looking at outsourcing her loan packaging to shift the focus of her business from administration to sales.

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