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    The mortgage broking industry is one that is often at times difficult to navigate, which has made Time Home Loans’ Youeil Shol’s achievements in his short time in the profession all the more impressive.

    The Brisbane-based mortgage specialist has been working for Time Home Loans for just shy of three years, and during that time has garnered a reputation as a persistent and determined broker who has the client front of mind.

    Mortgage Professional Australia spoke with Youeil Shol about his career to date and to find out more about what makes him tick.

    Shol said his inspiration to join the industry was borne out of it being a profession that involved both numbers and people.

    “I studied finance and human resources at university but didn’t really know what jobs were out there until I was referred to Ruan (Burger) who gave me an insight into mortgage broking,” he said.

    With the Hayne Royal Commission being a major hindrance on brokers’ confidence in the market last year, Shol echoed the sentiments of a number of those in the industry as he described 2019 as “tough”.

    “Procedures were taking longer,” he said.

    “We had to spend more time processing an application in order to have a smooth process post lodgment which can take away time from what we’re best at, which is getting in front of people.

    “In saying that, we’ve been able to put better processes in place to get those applications through quickly.”

    Despite the inevitable hurdles that come with being a broker, Shol gave an insight into his mindset when combating such problems.

    “In mortgage broking, the high moments are short-lived and the low moments can be long-lived,” he said.

    “I do now try to celebrate the little wins with a nice lunch – it’s simple but it goes a long way for me.

    “In addition, time was another hurdle I experienced as you physically cannot be there for everyone; however, I’m very fortunate that Time Home Loans has put in place a system that allows us brokers to support our referral partners, build relationships and see more clients.”

    With that in mind, Shol had some timely advice for those looking to get into mortgage broking and noted what they can expect.

    “Focus on the long-term and not the short game – I think if you want to make the most out of what broking provides you need to be in it for at least two years before you see any real success,” he said.

    “Another thing would be to find someone experienced and learn under them; use the two years to soak up as much information as possible because if the “wheel isn’t broken, why fix it?”.

    Shol noted the people he would like to recognise who have contributed to his young yet incredibly successful start as a mortgage professional.

    “I would love to thank everyone that supports us, when we’re around our referral partners they teach us things which we can then relate to a client later down the track that can only help us when we’re trying to build a relationship,” he said.

    “Also, to the Time Home Loans family, the long hours are made easier when you can throw a bit of chat around every now,” he laughed.

    “And lastly, Ruan and Kylie Burger, owners of Time Home Loans, who took a punt on me fresh out of university; I can’t say enough about how much I look up to them both with the support they’ve given from day one and continue to give.”

    The mortgage industry is one filled with exceptional individuals who go above and beyond to ensure the everyday Aussie homeowner is given the leg-up they deserve, and Youeil Shol is yet another professional who approaches his broking job with the integrity and goodwill it requires.

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