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    It seems there are still people who tend to cast doubt on young professionals entering the workforce. For some, it’s a discouraging thought, while for others, like Cane Financial mortgage consultant and 2019 MPA Young Guns finalist Kyle Weltman, it’s a powerful motivation.

    When Weltman was starting out as a young broker, he felt some initial pushbacks from clients in the older age bracket. One time, after he successfully settled a loan, his client told him that having grey hair would work to his advantage.

    “Youth was regarded as inexperience and less knowledgeable,” Weltman told MPA. “I needed to break this perception. I wanted to represent a modern-day broker who is reachable at all hours and able to deliver service to homes.”

    Since many of his clients have never bought a home, Weltman has taken the responsibility to educate them on the whole process and connect them to key people, such as lawyers or building inspectors, to make their home ownership journey seamless and stress-free.

    Start with the basics
    Young and digitally savvy he may be, but Weltman likes to stick to the basics first before exploring outside the proverbial box.

    “I realised early on I needed to get my name out there through networking, referral relationships, and educational seminars,” he said. “I focused on a few niches such as medical and allied health professionals, investors, and first home buyers; then ran seminars to educate these groups.”

    Weltman also follows the timeless method of setting weekly targets to remain accountable and motivated. He then evaluates gathered statistics to measure his performance and to detect trends. When it comes to digital resources, Weltman considers Zoom Video Conferencing a must for modern-day brokers.

    Power through
    Weltman is aware that the first few years in the industry is incredibly turbulent and volatile, and a huge number of brokers exit within that period. But he also knows that those who can power through will reap a harvest from their labour.

    He is not even troubled by the cloud of uncertainty the Royal Commission has brought to the lending climate. “Anything can happen from now until one year after the election,” he said.

    “I think we, as an industry, need to fight the good fight, but not get too caught up with the stress that might happen in the future. We do an extremely important job for everyday Australians and for market competition.”

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