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    Keith Ho wrote the second highest amount in loans in this year’s Young Guns list – but he didn’t do it alone.

    The director of JKK Solutions credits much of his success to the support of his business partners, staff, referrers and customers – as well as some important lessons learned about time management.

    Creating a solutions-based business

    Ho moved to Australia from Hong Kong in 2007 to study at Melbourne University and improve his English skills. Inspired by his parents’ business, he aimed to one day set up a business and brand of his own.

    After finishing his studies in 2012, he got a job as a teller at NAB and spent the next six years working his way up the ranks to become branch manager. His (now) business partners were colleagues at the time.

    “They shared a very similar mission and goals,” he says.

    While he gained a wealth of skills and experience at the bank, Ho eventually came to the stage where he knew there was only so much he could offer his clients. Disheartened at the prospect of losing relationships with customers due to the limitations of lender policy, Ho decided to join forces with his partners to create a solutions-based firm.

    A structured approach

    JKK Solutions has a strong focus on communication and time management. Ho says the way they structure meetings has been integral to the company’s success.

    “On Monday we pull up our target for the week. We talk about how much we want to achieve on unconditional approval, how many new applications and how many new leads – and also of course share a fun story from the weekend,” he says.

    The team meet again on Wednesday to touch base and share any pain points they may have, before meeting again on Friday to wrap things up. At this meeting they assess whether they will hit weekly targets. If they aren’t on track, they look at what they could do differently, and if they are on track, they plan how they will celebrate.

    “The most important thing is keeping each other updated,” he says. “Communication is very important nowadays.”

    In terms of time management, Ho says he credits much of what he has learned to a spokesperson from CBA who offered tips and stories that have helped him professionally.

    “We want to make sure that what has to be done gets done so we make sure that our timetable is set up properly,” he says.

    “We structure our timeline, make sure we have driver time, obligation time set up. The most important thing is we have to make sure that we have fun time for each other.”

    Looking forward to BID

    Ho says he feels confident in the lead up to best interest duty.

    “I am sure with the best interest duty we are all ready to go. Since we started, I asked all my staff members and partners when you give any proposals make sure that you give the option of two or three lenders to the customer.”

    He says AFG has offered a lot of support through webinars and changes to their application system.

    “To be honest with you, I don’t have to do much. They have prepared us well,” he says.

    “AFG has done everything they could to help through education and webinars.”

    Ho believes that brokers have already been acting in the customers best interest and are ready to meet the new legislation head on.

    “I’m sure that all the brokers have been doing this properly and that the Government just wanted to formalise this requirement rather than putting restrictions on us,” he says.

    “I think all the brokers are ready to go.”

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